What a strange year in the garden!  My Roma (determinate) tomatoes are still growing, flowering and setting fruit.  Last year they were finished and done by sometime in late July or August.  All grown from the same seed!!

Then, my indeterminates stopped growing months ago and the fruit is slowly ripening.  Still some green tomatoes on their vines. 

Ended up with lots of green tomatoes this AM as I thought the Roma’s were done and began pulling them!  With a little mini-heat wave coming this week, wanted to get as much pulled and into the big composter as I could.  Also pulled some squash plants.  All this should degrade pretty quickly with some good heat.  It would also be too much for the small composter.

See the Calendula is pretty well done.  Will probably have to replace the plants next year unless there is a lot of self-seeding going on.

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One Response to Tomatoes

  1. witchy says:

    Dang, I was counting on Calendula self seeding! Like the blog.

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