more happenings

The cool nights are continuing, even though the days are upper 80’s/low 90’s.  So this morning decided to pull more tomatoes and harvest green ones before we have a frost and I lose them totally. 

Have commented previously on the strange behaviour of the Romas. These seedlings were planted early/mid May,  73-80 day maturity, with wall-o-waters. yet, here we are in mid-September with new flowers, unripe undersized fruit!  Anyway, harvested some green tomatoes today, enough to at least make a trial run of green tomato relish.

So here I am in the garden, and suddenly realize there’s a dead rabbit in there with me!!  How I could miss it, can’t imagine,  as it was lying in plain sight!  So fresh the eyes were still clear.  A little freaked out.

Then found a young gopher snake, sluggish from the cool.

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