flower garden

I hardly ever mention the flower garden, and we do have one!  Its about 10′ x 10′ and at the edge of the courtyard. Visible from the master bedroom and from the family room.  Have slowly been filling it with perennials, including roses, sages, columbines, several kinds of lillies, iris, gladiolas, purple and white echinaceas, hollyhock (I know, they’re biennials), and more.  Some we are letting get a bit overgrown, and will then be transplanted to a new flower area that will flank our new front entrance.  In the back garden, around the veggie area is bee balm, yellow yarrow, and russian sage, with the same idea.  Its a strange area, during the winter, the southern half of the garden is always in the shade of the house, so that part of the garden will freeze.  The north half gets a couple of hours of sun in December.  The echinacea had originally been planted in the north half. the second year it was in the middle, and now its taking over the southern half of the garden!!  Obviously, we also have flower pots. Have them on wheels so they can be moved around if we are entertaining, or just hanging out around the center garden for ease of watering.  Two of the pots contain nectarines.  Hoping for some fruit one of these years!!  Behind the garden, the area has been naturalized and offers a nice barrier from the neighbors to our east

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