green tomato relish

We’re not really a big relish household, but good relish comes in handy when making salad dressings, of which I do a lot.  So this year, it was green tomato relish to stock the shelves, have as gifts, and use up those green tomatoes!!

The recipe I found on had a five star rating, but is based on 24 large green tomatoes,  3 each red and green bell peppers and 12 large onions.  The rest is measured.  So how much is 24 large tomatoes, and 12 large onions to get the 12 pints the recipe supposedly makes?

I’m working with this assortment of green tomatoes (after I take out all the ripe ones!). Ultimately it weighed 6 lbs.  Added to that 3 lbs of onions.  Bought three large red peppers and picked an equal volume of green from the garden.  Added one small anaheim pepper to the mix.  Then it was 3 tbs each of celery and mustard seed. 1 tbs salt. 2 cups of brown sugar and 3 cups of white (recipe was for 5 cups of white) then 2 cups of cider vinegar

Put all vegetables thru a coarse hand grinder and let drain for a couple of hours.  In a large stainless stock pot mixed the other ingredients and then added drained vegetables. Brought to a boil and then simmered for about 5 minutes – frequent stirring thru the entire process. 

After filling 6 pints, then added 16oz french’s yellow mustard and filled an additional 5 pints.  All got a good hot water bath for 30 minutes. removed and let sit overnight to cool. This was the first time I made this, so tasted it (one pint just went into the fridge) this AM.  Pretty good even if I say so myself!  Labels went on and got put away.  Had put some in 1/2 pint jars for gifts during the holidays.

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