transplanted onions/garlic

When I emptied out the grow bag of potatoes, took the soil and turned it in an area of the garden that had been home to a mugwort until early this year. The mugwort (artemisia vulgaris) got too big for the space and I wasn’t giving it the proper respect. So found new homes and had a bit of empty space.  Was going to plant some western mugwort, but decided that deserved a more naturelized area.  So this space remained empty until this am.

Moved over some misc onions that were popping up around the garden and found 4 garlic cloves doing the same thing.  Since the idea is to empty out the main veggie beds and turn in compost, redo the irrigation, etc.., moving the onions was a good idea.  Glad I was able to find them a home for the winter.

Our local nursery sells onion sets in the spring, cannot figure out why. They just seem to go dormant for the summer and only grow over the winter into the spring.  From now on, will start seeds around July for fall planting .  Just have to remember to do it, hence this note!!

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