Organic gardening, etc

When I started this blog, it was intended more to be an online gardening notebook. and as I’ve learned more about using categories and sharing, realized that the categories will let me better reference information (what tomatoes did, how I’d planted the potatoes, when I planted beans), but could also be useful for the other things I do – like canning and preserving and making other lotions and potions.  They also make the sharing process happen as it puts those posts out to where people are searching for information.

So what has this to do with Organic?  Because its not been mentioned.  Jim, my partner in life, is a Miracle Gro man. Does not see the need for water harvesting.  And I think the only reason he recycles is, we’d fill the garbage cans too quickly otherwise. Fortunately, his new business fills his time so he barely has the opportunity to stand with the hose and water the flower garden.  That leaves me in charge of the gardens.

And I DO NOT do miracle Gro!  Fish emulsion, compost, but no miracle gro.  and I preserve my harvest (and bought foods when necessary/season) for the same reason.  Don’t want the chemicals or preservatives.  Of course, I also do not want the waste containers to dispose of. Don’t want to burden the environment with all the side effects of commercial food processing; from transportation to manufacture of the containers.  And I here-by apologise to all those who’s lively hood is so effected.

So, though never mentioned, I’m an organic gardener.  Sprays of water, manually pulling my hornworms off the tomatoes, and keeping a healthy environment so the local toads, mantis, ladybugs, birds, etc can take care of the things that would munch, chew, and otherwise destroy my plants.  Am always willing to share, as long as I get the bigger percentage   😉

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