canning beans

So why would anyone take dried beans – easy to store, take up so little space – and go through the whole mess to seal them in jars?  If you are like me, or other working folks, you don’t always plan out your menu.  Friends dropping by, a late day, and suddenly its “what’s for dinner”.  Having canned beans on hand means a quick plate of nachos, some tacos, or a nice minestrone soup (if there is also stock on the shelf!!).  But none of that happens if “I forgot to put the beans in the crock pot this morning”.  But canned beans are so inexpensive.  Yup, they are!  Do I want to go to the market and buy canned beans, schlep them home, then schlep the cans to the recycle center? Do I want to support the entire system of can manufacture, can transport?  No, I don’t.    So I’m canning beans.  This afternoon, its several pints of good old refried beans.

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