Haws watercan

My new Haws water can is on the right, compared to my old 2 gallon can on the left.  When I first saw the soft water flow from the Haws’ rose, knew I had to get one.  The water flow from the other is hard enough to crush seedlings.  FINALLY broke down and bought this plastic version of the veritable Haws metal water can.  Oh, it does not hold as much as my other, but it is SOOOO much nicer to use.  First off, its balanced so well, I could hold it with my left hand while I took the photos of the water flow with my right.  The neck design lets it hold volume of water, but helps keep it from sloshing out when in use.  The long neck lets you get it down close.  There are two different ends for the neck; one being the fabulous rose, the other being the bent piece.  Both are mounted on these convenient little knobs to keep them safe and close.  Will make watering in the greenhouse so much neater and convenient.  Particularly in the winter when I don’t want to drag in the hose and just spray like I do in the winter!!

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