potato bag harvest

If you are thinking about growing potatoes in bags, look at this harvest from TWO potato bags.  they weigh about 4 lbs each.  They’ve been nibbled on by these little white bugs that look sort of like ants.  Have not been able to identify them.  They cruise through the potatoes.  You can see the damage they do, both these taters will have to be tossed.  Would they be worse or better if in the ground rather than bags?  Probably worse.  Since I do grow these in the greenhouse without these insects showing up, think I need to find a way to elevate them off the ground.  Being the desert, something is finding the mix of food, wet, and dark irresistable.  There is also the way they grow.  Lots of them are doing the double thing. and they mostly seem to grow at one level in the bag. This leads to a lot of crowding and mishapen potatoes.   If you’ve never grown potatoes, especially in a bag, you have to “hill” them by adding soil to the bag as the foliage grows.    Potatoes are supposed to grow off the entire foliage length, but with the bags am finding in general they are confining themselves to one level. Might increase the yield by planting the some seed potatoes at the 4″ level and then again at the 8″ level.

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