Well, starting on Tuesday, Oct 5, and running thru late Wednesday afternoon, the 6th, Arizona had some recordbreaking weather!  I’m a 40minute drive from Flagstaff, guess about 30 miles, and they had 4 confirmed Tornadoes in the Flagstaff area between 4:30AM Weds and about 1pm!  That’s what Arizona usually gets in an entire year!  Tuesday night the lighting flashed continuously and the thunder was just a constant grumble.  Over 2″ of rain fell here at the house, Weds afternoon there was a lot of hail, although penny size seemed to be the worst of it!  Had to put on a jacket today to take the dog out, as suddenly it seemed cool.  Its hard to say if it really is cooler than before this front roared thru, or if its just the added humidity in the air.  At first glance the garden seems to have withstood it all. Matter of fact the lettuce and other cool weather plants seem pretty happy!  Will go out in a bit to see details. waiting for the sun to actually come up and around.  How late that happens is pretty noticeable now, two weeks after equinox.

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