grinding fresh meat

hmmm, what a provacative title!

Yes, started out being a gardening blog, but its my blog and I can grind if I want to!!

besides its fall.  and HOT too!  Too hot for the cool weather plants and the days are too short for the hot weather plants.  New garden bed for the garlic and onions is not in yet, although everything is ready for planting! so really no gardening news to report.

Our household has recently doubled in size, adding two grown adult males; one of the age of nearly 20 with the appropriate apetite, and the other being an older and much larger male with an equal apetite to the 20 year old!  This has tripled my food budget!  So we have gone from eating expensive cuts of meat and fish, to eating far less expensive cuts of beef, pork and poultry!  And with that, has come breaking out Mom’s old cast iron Universal meat grinder!!

It has taken me a little time to get the hang of it, but the difference it makes to our food quality is tremendous!  First off, no packaged ground meat tastes like fresh!  Secondly, one can save HUGELY!

Example, today, with a fifth mouth at the table, I made nachos. 2 lbs of fresh turkey breast, cut into chunks, mised with seasonings, and put through the grinder.  Took about an extra 30 minutes in the food prep. The cost of the turkey was cheaper than regular ground turkey, at least $2/lb cheaper than pre-packaged ground turkey breast and was moist and delicious.  Rave reviews all around.  Had forgotten to add refries, but had a layer of spinach with melted cheese seasoned with chili powder that made everyone forget the beans!

Then, took a mix of cross rib roast and pork loin, both bought for $1.77/lb, and ground them for making chili.

I’ve more of both for using for making meat loaf later in the week.  Also, took a 5 lb chunk of the beef and have it in the crock pot for making pulled beef.  Some will get mixed with BBQ sauce for making sandwiches. The rest, depending on how much, will end up in some other dish; either cold in a chef salad or chopped up a bit more and into a soup.

I’ve been blessed most of my life with NOT having to scrimp on food, but am glad I’ve got the tools and no-how to do so!! My other blessing is I have the time.  If I had to do the 9-5 it would be much harder.  Would be doing the week’s cooking on Saturday or it would be mac & cheese all week!

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