been awhile

The last month or so has been intense in AZ.  We had record breaking rain storms, spawning tornadoes all over the state, especially in N. AZ.  Then the weather was seasonally cool, and got warmer.  Warm enough that tomatoes are still ripening, squash are still fertilizing, as are eggplant!  The Basil is still growing.  Actually, my tomatoes are blooming better now than in June!!

The new garden bed is done and waiting for the weekend so I can plant my onions and garlic.  Today emptied out my big compost tumbler, and closed up the smaller one.    Chopped back my comfrey, don’t know if they are ready to have the roots dug yet, lets see what happens.  With it being as warm as it is, they may continue to grow.

A neighbor had a banner year with an heirloom winter squash and has been giving it away to anyone who will take it!  The first one I got from her was one of the smaller ones and I still made four meals from it!  It was a side dish with corned beef (I’m feeding four, two who are metabolic calorie burners). Then I chopped up some with zuchinni, onions, garlic and some fresh home made hot Italian style sausage as a topping for pasta.  The last of it I made into soup, with a lot of seasoned stock, wine, a bit of salsa, rice and turkey.

It felt good to get out and do a little work.  Been off it too long with a bad knee.  And as everyone knows (who’s been there) the older you get the faster you lose your strength!

Now its time to start the day’s lunch. Plus bought some beef on sale and want to make some jerky for the dog (s).  That’s the holiday present we give neighbors who have dogs, rather than exchanging gifts.  There will be the green tomato relish for those who don’t have pets.

Have also got a lot of office work to do, so it may be awhile before I get back here!!

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