duh moment

This is often referred to as being hit with the cosmic 2×4.  Reading the latest post from the wonderful folks at Homegrown Evolution (www.homegrownevolution.com), the simple idea of putting the culinary herbs into planters rather than letting them take over the garden beds, leaving more room for the medicinals.

This is my oregano, which is trying to take over Arizona, the thyme, the sage, there is a little bit of self-seeded dill in there. These are overwhelming my calendula and the lavender.  Gave big bags of dried oregano to everyone this year, enough to last them at least a couple of years, so no one wants any more.  The sage is getting leggy.  So will cut back, re-root (the sage) and get them all into planters and pots.  More room for the others I want.

Basil, of course, is a different story, and I’m not sure if anyone can grow too much basil!  Mine was clipped back and frozen awhile ago. Some is still growing out there, but its looking a bit sad at this point.

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