getting cooler

Still unseasonably warm. Still no frost.  But getting cooler.  Highs only in the 60’s this week,  with 39 the predicted low by Thursday. so have decided to start harvesting what’s left out in the garden.  A bunch of anaheim chili’s to start.  Can’t believe how many new ones, only 1-2″ long.  Picked them all and have put them in the dehydrator, pulled the plants.  Left some sweet peppers out there, give them as much sun as possible before harvesting them.  A couple of handfuls of tomatoes, those that are starting to show some color.  Let the rest of them get as much sun as possible. 

There is still a fully grown white eggplant out there (along with some smaller ones). They get bitter once harvested, so will leave that and incorporate it into a meal in the next day or two.  Will keep an eye out on the garden and the temps from here on in.

Still find it hard to believe that its November 7 and all this is still growing out there!

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