pumpkin pie

Last year was my first as a gluten free human being and I was still reeling with the changes to the diet.  Did pumpkin cheesecakes last year, using ground pecans for the crust.  That was a bit too much and tended to burn.  Yesterday ground pecans, hazelnuts, and added an equal quantity by volume of brown sugar to melted butter (12 tbs – 1-1/2 sticks) then gluten free flour to bring it all together.  This is definately one of those “to taste” and dependent on quantity needed recipes.

The mix got pressed on the bottom of two standard type pie plates, with the excess pressed into the bottom of 6 paper muffin liners. 

Pie filling was made according to the instructions on the can (one large).  This made two pies and six mini pumpkin treats.

Baked according to the instructions on the can: 15minutes @ 450 then reduced to 350 for 45 minutes.  The minis didn’t take as long, keep an eye on them.  Good thing about the mini’s, they kept everyone in pumpkin heaven while the pies did their long cool down thing so the custard can set properly.

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