new year, new diet

No, I’m not doing some new year’s resolution to lose 85 pounds by February 1!  Two days before Christmas, and one day AFTER doing the big holiday shopping for the house, DH came home from the doctor with the word that he had to lose some 35 lbs or so and he should go on Atkins!  Now you know my holiday shopping included things like flour and brown sugar for baking luscious holiday treats!  Brownsugar baked ham.  Wine.  I’m gluten free so there was an appropriate amount of GF products in there too.  Well, he is my DH, and I’m in agreement on losing the weight, so OUT went all the high carb stuff . . . well, not actually.  We pigged out on a lot of it for 3 days and then OUT it went.  And have just NOT been replacing it as we go along.  So far, we’re doing okay.  As it happened, I’d weighed myself the Monday before Christmas and when I weighed myself two days ago I was down 5 lbs!  Yes, FIVE POUNDS LOST DURING THE CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS!!!!  Is that a miracle or what!!  Mailing the majority of my new Gluten Free baking flours and mixes off to someone I know who is just getting into the GF lifestyle and went out and RESTOCKED the pantry (this is not cheap folks!) with low carb/GF foods.  That means we can’t just substitute artificial sweetener for the sugar, and I can assure you that most of the GF flours are FAR from low carb.  Some things I’ll keep on hand and gradually, in MUCH smaller quantities, bring back into the diet.  Somethings, like potatoes, are probably banned from the house forever.  We’re both Irish, so around here, there is no such thing as a small, occassional, serving of white spuds!  DH can eat them on the rare time we go out to eat (and maybe we’ll do that more often now?).  Tonight experimented with a low carb pizza crust made from a mix of Flax and almond meal!  Tomorrow, a flourless chocolate cake made with pecans (to which I’ll add some lower carb almonds), and of course, no carb sweeteners.  At least choices are a lot better than the days when there was only saccharine!  Happen to LOVE merangue cookies, so can promise a batch of them on the horizon.  Life will not be drab and boring. 

And I guess I’m not worrying about growing potatoes this year!!

Happy New Year to all!

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1 Response to new year, new diet

  1. Babygirl says:

    Really nice post. I really hope you reach the goal you are looking to reach. And you’re right, some GF stuff is really not GF at all

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