the waning of winter

Am running about two weeks late, but finally got in to start cleaning up the greenhouse and prep for starting seeds!  Old plants to pull out, floor to sweep and finally got the poor pansies I’d bought last fall out of their six packs.  A surprising number made it and now have homes in new planters.  Should be ready for bringing out in a couple of m onths to brighten the yard.  Tomorrow I’ll start with the seeds.  The weather should hold for a few more weeks, so this weekend will be working on getting the garden irrigation set up and maybe even getting the hoops out.  Nothing ready to go under them yet, but once they are out, can work up the screening to go over them.  That will not only protect the plants, but support the frost blankets at night. 

Oh yeah, also have used up all the water I harvested during the last storm, so filled my holders from the tap.  There’s no rain in the forecast, and this gives time for the chlorine to evaporate from the water before it is applied to the plants.

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