gluten free low carb flax bread

Have a couple of different recipes for low carb flax bread (which are gluten free by default as long as all other ingredients are GF), this has become my “go-to” recipe. It was originally posted on line as being flax seed muffins, but find it works great as a bread.  When doing low-carb having a good souce of dietary fiber is necessary, and this makes a delicious addition to the diet.  Flax has different effects on everyone, doing one 1/3″ slice a day has been perfect for us.

preheat over to 350F, and grease muffin tins or small bread tin

1C flax seed meal (can subsitute up to 1/3C almond meal)          1/2C whey protein powder (I use vanilla flavored)                 4Tbs oil (I used melted butter)                                                  1/4C splenda, or other sweetener of choice                               2Large eggs                            2tsp baking powder               up to 2tsp vanilla (personal choice)               1/2tsp salt                     1C water (omitted)

Without the water it fits easily into the bread tin.  it is still the same consistency when baked for 25-30 minutes.

cool slightly and turn out on a rack to cool

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