garden post for 2011

Yesterday was the perfect day to get cool weather tolerant spring plants into the garden and to also get the hoops set up.  If my plan isn’t as good as I think it is, and needs revisement (and don’t they usually?), its mild enough that the plants won’t suffer for it.  First off, was amazed at how much I had to get out there.  The idea was to just do the western bed, but ended up using about 2/3 of the eastern bed too.  Far more broccoli, lettuce & chard seedlings than I thought, plus the broccoli rabe and lettuce seedlings that were bought, PLUS the spinach plants that had wintered over from the fall.  But they are all out there now.  Then the hoops, then the screening material and lastly the frost blanket.  Am looking forward to a good spring harvest of salad stuff before its time for the summer stuff to be planted in a couple of months.  Oh yeah, the bottles hold water which help modify the night time temps.




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