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The hoop covered garden beds are very happy. While the intent was to protect young plants from cool, instead the screening is protecting them from sudden heat!  the covering is helping keep soil moist, temps consistent and protecting the young plants from hungry mouths.  It has worked so well, did the same to my garlic/onion beds.  Someone got in there about a month ago and clipped off the green shoots just coming up.  Had just enough from the roll of screening to cover that planting bed and all’s good there too.

Meanwhile, I’m still knitting.  Not being one for patience, just spending a couple of hours a night means even simple projects take a L -O-O-O-N-G time.   My brain is on to my next two or three ideas, but I’m still knitting the black messenger style bag I started last weekend.  Got the basic body done, and am working on the strap.  If there is enough of yarn left, will make an inner (or outer) pocket, or just a mobile phone holder.  This is actually a one skein wonder project.  It was one of those big skeins you get at Wal-Mart or craft stores, worsted weight acrylic.  Using size 10 needles.  Just figured I’d work it until the yarn was done.

Meanwhile, I’ve acquired lots of 6 strand cotton twine which will be used to make wash cloths and produce string bags.  Have so much of it, am actually thinking of using it for a top, or even a slip.  There is A LOT.  and my mind is wondering about all the other things I can create . . .

Allergy season is kicking butt, and yesterday had come to my attention the use of “mormon tea” for congestion and allergy relief. Went out and clipped some and it has helped some.  Taken the edge off the running nose, the sinus headache and the sneazing.

More experiments with low carb – gluten free cooking.  Revised an almond cookie recipe to make it actually tasty, which meant dropping the almonds and using hazelnuts instead.  The big aspect of flavor though, was adding FAT. the original recipe had no fats or oils.  Used a mix of coconut oil and butter.  Pretty close to ummm ummm good!

Now its time to get back to work, instead of procrastinating on my blog.

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