suddenly hot

upper 80’s to 90 the last couple of days and today the same.  Peas are unhappy in the greenhouse. They’d probably be unhappy anywhere!

Yesterday started taking the squash and other already large seedlings out of their starter six packs and into larger pots. there are cocozelle (bush) zuchinni, spaghetti squash, Nagua (a winter squash), canteloupe, gourds, hollyhocks, all have gone into larger pots.  still in the small six packs are tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.  The lettuce at the bottom has been moved onto the shelves to make room for bigger pots on the floor to keep at least one of the zuchinni, tomato, and eggplant in the greenhouse for a jump start on the season.  The rest will go out in ‘wall o water’ in about a month.  If the weather cools off again, will put them under hoops too.still some basil seedlings to be transplanted. and the pansies are doing well. there are other pots of them in the greenhouse too.  Its actually too hot in there for the lettuce and maybe I’ll just move the pots of them outside.  The lettuce in the garden is doing much better in the relative cool.  Did get a fan for the greenhouse, hopefully that will help with the too early oppressive heat in there!

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