Who knew I’d like pink (okay, ROSE) socks!  Anyway, here they are. The first done with an acrylic/ wool blend. Then machine washed and dried.  Yes, the left one fits better than the right. The right one was done according to the pattern I’d developed for my lemon/lime colored 100% cotton bed-socks. But acrylic/wool blends are different yarns from 100% cotton despite them both being #4 worsted weight with the same guage!

The right sock was knitted according to that pattern.  Then further corrections made for the left one which fits almost perfectly. Still a little loose around the instep of the foot.  So have revised the pattern again to allow for extra stitches in the ankle over the basic foot part (they are supposed to be the same).

Still, had the opportunity to wear them with shoes (no slouching, no slipping, no twisting) and find out that I enjoy the color!  Anyway, begin another pair with “waste” yarn that is a dark grey.  Guess when I get this down, will have to invest in some rose yarn for more socks!

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