skin lotion

Have been making my own skin lotion for years, tweaking the recipe some now and again, trying for that “perfect” formula. Regardless of whether I add a little bit of this or that, have felt its superior to anything I can buy.  Well, have just had a chance to test that theory.  My last batch went bad.  First time in 30 years!!  Unfortunately, Comfrey is the basis of my lotion and I’d given away the rest of my comfrey leaf to someone who had broken their ankle (its also called “boneheal”), thinking had enough lotion on hand until my garden produced more.  Sigh.   So I bought some.  A world of difference when the first ingredient on the list is WATER!!  Skin has been feeling that weird ness one gets when its too dry (like after a sunburn). And forget the state of my feet!!

Then spring started up and it was time to transplant my comfrey; splitting up the plants. Some was giveaway, and some just got split up and spread out.  In the process dug up a lot of good comfrey root.  Amazing how slippery and rich the juices from those roots were!  Dried quickly too once they were chopped up (also suprisingly easy for roots).  A couple of days ago put my dried comfrey roots, the last of my calendula flower and a handful of lavender flowers in a pyrex measuring cup with about 32 oz of EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  Let it sit in nice warm water in the crock pot for a couple of days. Strained off.  20 oz went into a canning jar into the fridge for further use (need some lip balm). 8oz went into the measuring cup for making skin lotion.  I know that only adds up to 28oz, but some is lost in the process . . .

To the 8oz of infused oil went 2oz of coconut oil, an ounce of lecithin, 1/2oz of vitamin E oil, 1/3oz of Amber infused perfume oil and 2 oz of beeswax.  Back on heat while another, larger, pyrex cup got prewarmed.  Now this is the strange part – in the smaller pyrex cup with all the oils in it, the measure was 12oz.  When the beeswax was melted, it was pored into the larger prewarmed cup where it read 16oz!!. 

Getting out the whip attachment for the mixer, began whipping up the oil as I slowly poured in about (according to this measuring cup) a cup of aloe vera juice and gel.  Then it was poured into containers.  By the time most of it had been poured off, the last 8oz had to be scooped out.  Spread a bit of the remainder on arms and legs and am awed by the delightful feel of the stuff.  It smells good too. What I want to smell like, not what some marketing guru thinks I should.

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