Folk lore lied

Supposedly, once the mesquite starts to bloom, there will be no more freezes.  Frosts, maybe. But not freezing! 

So much for folklore.  Today, having spent this past weekend planting the rest of my tomatoes, squash, basil and gourds, woke to the bird bath water frozen solid!  Not just a crust.  Total, complete ice!! 

Well, despite the warm weather, have been putting frost blankets out on everything that was not in a wall-o-water. But they were casual drapings.  And so some basil, gourds and maybe tomatoes have gone to compost.  I’ll give them all a chance to come back . . . there are still some seedlings in the greenhouse to replace the plantings, but it was all I had of basil, and tomatoes.

The weather channel, BTW, said the temp this AM was 41F . . .

New rules I guess. hard freeze at 41F

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2 Responses to Folk lore lied

  1. Rachel says:

    Hi, saw your comment on Weeding for Godot’s blog. Can I ask where the “foothills of the AZ mountains” are? I live in Peoria and we definitely have different weather than you – usually hot, hot, and more hot. I’m intrigued by all the “homesteading” things you’re doing. Can’t wait to read older posts.

    • morgaineotm says:

      Hi! Live in Sedona. Thanks for your comments. Started teaching myself some of these skills when living in NYC about 30 years ago. Hope you are handling thewinds!

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