may garden update

Have no idea how long its been since I’ve posted.  Have been busy busy busy. 

After the heavy snow, the weather was intermediate (cool nights with very warm days).  Most of the crushed plants survived – even flourished.  The birdhouse gourd plants are trying to grow.  The spaghetti squash is outstanding!  Two of the cocozelle plants just sort of faded in the wall o waters, while one did well.  Replaced the two with new seedlings, but they aren’t really doing well either.  The roma tomatoes in the ground are doing fabulous!  Other tomatoes in the wall o waters are sad. Not dying, but don’t seem to be flourishing.  The romas in containers are also not flourishing.

Something got into the fenced in area where the containers are and ate the eggplant seedlings and one of the pepper.  The eggplants seem to be coming back, but the pepper was a goner.  Picked up some other eggplant seedlings along with two pepper.  For some reason, there are few sweet bell pepper seedlings around, so got “chocolate beauty”.  One went into the pot outside to replace the eaten one. The other, along with the three new eggplants went into pots in the greenhouse.

Its being a strange year in both the greenhouse and the garden.  Onions are doing okay. In the reserved bed, the Sisiskyou purple garlics look like they are ready to start being harvested, although no flours.  The persians are looking strong. The shallots are doing okay. I may just split them and replant to let them grow stronger and produce more.  The onions I planted in the fall had a high failure rate.  A few will get strong and produce nice onions. Others will just be left to grow more.  The egyptian onions do not seem to produce nice bulbs, more like large green onions/scallions.  That’s okay too. Am clipping their “babies” and planting them separately. Nice to have both types.  Soon will plant some walla walla seeds to have little sets for the fall garden and hopefully some nice onions for the next year.

Greenhouse pots are not doing well.  Cocozelle and striped Roma are also just sort of sitting there. Beans got to be about 12″ tall and then stopped.  It got too hot for the second planting of peas. So let the few flowers just go to seed.

Planted several Nangua winter squash in the ground. One is seemingly strong, the other three questionable if they will survive.  They are definately NOT flourishing.  Lettuce is though, but getting too hot and starting to show signs of bolting.  Planted some regular black beauty zuchinni. One near the other cocozelle and they’re doing okay.  The other in the north west corner where little else has survived. that one is so so.  Calendula are starting to do well.  The melon is not.  A strange mix of results.

On the other hand, the patchouli plant that came in looking dead is growing again!

Am also going to be starting some chard in the greenhouse to have some nice ready plants to put in the garden later when the lettuce is out.  Then will get some more going to have chard through the winter.

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