the perennial garden

The courtyard garden isn’t very large, and over the last few years, have been putting in perennials, fortunately. This year haven’t had the time, so glad its coming along on its own with a lot of self-seeds and perennials filling the spaces.

The pots are either small enough to be moved about or on wheeled carts.

The green shrubberies are actually nectarines.  They had been full of flowers earlier in the season but no fruit set.

In the  9 years we’ve lived here, this is my second tricolor sage in this pot. They do great and look fabulous. the “torch” flowers were t hinned last year and have benefitted from it. there are three kinds of lillies in the garden, and lots of coneflowers self seeded.  Iris did well, and the gladiolas are coming in.  Soon the yarrow (a purple flowered one) will compete with all that white columbine. There are two other colored columbines out there, but the white is dominating.  On the far side is a pot with some chrysanthemums.  The marigold were grown from last year’s seed. The geraniums wintered over in the greenhouse.


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One Response to the perennial garden

  1. I love looking at your gardens – both container and the raised ones. Quite a bit of work to keep everything looking so healthy and beautiful. Kudos!

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