starting a potholder

Have a bunch of Peaches N Cream cotton yarn. Single balls, all different.  Projects of choice are string bags for groceries, etc and potholders.  This is the first of the potholders, and immediately find that the recommended 7″ is not big enough for my big hands!  Oh well, a holiday gifty it will be, or just a trivet.  The other thing, tried doing this on needles two sizes small, but its still not thick enough to really protect from heat, so have to double up.  In this case, made this portion and am now going to knit the mirror image so I can fold it, sew them together

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One Response to starting a potholder

  1. northernnarratives says:

    Hi. I have also found that the recommended 7 inches is not big enough and they do shrink in the wash. I have been knitting them 10 inches and they work much better. Judy

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