starting over

Having dug out one entire bed of the garden in an attempt to get the critter that had moved in,  was left with the middle of the growing season with nothing but some 40 square feet of dirt!  While the fate of the critter is still unknown, it seems to have definately moved out of the veggie bed so this AM planted some bush beans. Hope fully will get get something to eat before the cold sets back in.  The last batch of beans planted never sprouted, or at least I think not. could be said critter was eating them before they had the chance.

In the greenhouse, the beans have finally started to flower, but it looks like that’s not developing into anything.  Thankfully, we can afford to buy food, but this is very disappointing to have such a poor harvest.

Oh, yeah. Aphids found my greenhouse eggplants. They were doing fabulously and then . . . sprayed them yesterday with basil soap and then washed the detritous off the leaves. Should have immediately resprayed, cause this morning . . .

So soapy spray again. Will wash them off later and respray immediately this time. 

The trials and tribulations of the at home gardener.

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