meat grinder choices

First, why do you need a meat grinder?  Plenty of “fresh” ground meat at the supermarket, right?  Unless you get your ground meat from a butcher, who is doing it in front of you, it’s not really fresh.  And what else is in there?  Until you’ve had really fresh ground meat, you don’t know what you’re missing!

So, electric vs manual? On principal alone, I’d choose manual. This one is what my mother and grandmother would have used (it actually IS what they used). Its made of iron, heavy, and works fine.  On the other hand, its heavy.  The clamp part isn’t very big so just turning the crank against the resistance of meat causes it to wiggle and jiggle. all force that should be directed towards making the meat into ground stuff.  It was also very difficult to go from coarse to find grind. Another problem, was the distance between the grinder and the base was not enough to put a  bowl of any size  and the prongs of the base also made getting something under there hard.  So meat was always falling on the floor.

This electric one came highly recommended. Its got too many aluminum and plastic parts for my taste, but goes together easily, and grinds quickly with easy clean up.  Have seen some complaints about grey or black ‘stuff’, but that comes with the manual too. fat often won’t grind through and becomes entangled in the cutter and gets that color. 

both end up with unground meat in jammed around the “corkscrew”, obviously the nature of the machine.

I’m hoping that what I smell with the motor on is “new” smell. Its pretty powerful and supposedly intended for the home hunter who has a fair amount of game to deal with.  I’m not going that far, at least not yet . . .

Time will tell how well the electric grinder does, but for the moment, it does make the entire process a lot easier!

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