first tomatoes

First tomatoes, FINALLY.  Of course, in the next few weeks the tide will turn and I’ll be giving them away. Dropping bags off on unsuspecting neighbors.  But right now, three romas, and two of a purple variety. For the life of me, can’t find the notes (maybe on an old blog? – nope!) as to the variety. they were seeds from some tomatoes given me last June by our plumber who was totally overwhelmed with his harvest!!  Anyway, they were good, so decided to grow them myself.  Both the roma and the purple are heirloom varieties.  Also growing some yellow plum and the same striped romas I grew last year.  someone else gave me a plant at the beginning of the season and that will be a surprise when I figure out which one it is.  Plus, my seedlings were doing so poorly at the beginning of the season had bought two “box car willie” plants.  Am looking forward to having enough to put up some of my own sauce, make some more of the killer relish I did last year, make juice and/or soup.  Yeah, all the great things you can do with lots and lots of tomatoes!!

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