garden update, 8/1/11

Garden updates come frequently in the height of season. Changes are daily!!  Biggest change for this year was more ornamental flowers around the garden which has kept the pollinators and beneficials close at hand.

the veggie garden entrance

While the flower garden soldiers on, its pretty much a matter of just water and let it do its thing. While the veggie garden requires daily attention. Especially now that its hornworm season.  No, don’t expect pictures! They go as soon as they are discovered!!

growing lots of tomatoes this year.  Romas doing the best they’ve ever done! also regular eating tomatoes as well as a striped roma that’s awesome!

more tomatoes in containers.  This little area is ‘outside’ the garden. besides 4 more tomato plants, there are peppers, eggplant, comfrey, chard, potatoes and sweet potatoes and gourds growing in pots here! proof that plants can grow in tight quarters!  Using a lot of grow bags here which I’ve come to love!  Here are my gourds.  Not expecting much. These are birdhouse gourds and will give me a few birdhouses for the property.  Next year it will be Luffas.  Holiday gifts are usually from the garden, so next year, Luffas may be it!  At the end of the row of tomatoes in the main part of the garden are my spaghetti squash. This year they have been awesome.  They don’t get super big, but there is only the two of us.  I’ve already got at least 10 in the pantry, we’ve eaten some, given away some and there are more still growing here!

Green beans doing well. And somehow a zuchinni has grown in their midst!  Next to them are the chard that had started in the greenhouse and behind them, just planted more bush beans.  Am prepared to cover this entire bed in plastic in the fall if need be to extend the greenbeans season.  This bed will be covered anyway for chard, spinach, lettuce and broccoli for the early spring.

The Nangua (chinese pumpkin) are coming in strong finally.  In the next two months hopefuly of getting at least 3 or 4 from these 8 plants.  They tend to grow pretty big, although in this tight space they may not. Good keepers. A nicely balanced winter squash. Can be cooked sweet like pumpkin often is, or savory like butternut or pumpkin sometimes is.

These poor plants started out in the greenhosue but all developed dreadful aphids which I couldn’t fight well enough in there. One eggplant was so badly infested that I had to cut it down and toss it!  These peppers and eggplant seem to be relishing the fresh air and hard water spray.  Little birdies and other beneficials can take care of the rest.  So far, so good.

Pretty much what’s left in the greenhouse.  A tomato, a bush squash, some chard and there is one potato out of picture.  On the top of the shelf is my “solar” dehydrator.  In another month will begin starting the fall seedlings, and some peas.  For some reason, peas don’t do well outside, but okay in here!  What ever works!!

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  1. Nice garden! It looks so professional.

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