left overs

New preserves this year, those left over from last get made into fruit leather.  In past years I’d wait and add some prickly pear juice to the leather, but last two years have been poor harvests for the cactus, and this year looks to be about the same.

Leather, whether vegetable or fruit, is made from puree of the material mixed with apple sauce and boiled down (apple butter if you want to skip the long cook). The less water in the mix, the quicker the leather is made.  The pectin from the apple is what holds it all together.  Forego the apple, and when the fruit dries, it will flake and can be used as a “fruit sugar”.   The same can be done for tomato sauce. Make as leather or just as dehydrated flakes, easy to store.  Great for when you don’t want to take up space with big canning jars.

these four rolls, are from 2 sheets like shown above.  There were 4 sheets total, 8 rolls.

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