how to peel tomatoes

As this is the first year I’m having any decent tomato harvest, am finding myself woefully unprepared.  Oh, have the proper food mill for the job of processing TONS of tomatoes, and even used it once last year converting several pounds of mixed fruit into tomato juice for a friend who was overwhelmed.   But with fruit heavy on the vine, it seems in doesn’t ripen all at once!  So what to do?  The Roma’s particularly are the issue; the “cooking” tomatoes.  So am preparing them in small batches as I harvest them, to deal with later.

First, there is the standard, drop them in boiling water, cool them off, and peel and seed.  Works okay. glad to be doing small batches, this is a pain in the butt

Freeze first.  Well, they peel really easy, but the flesh is mushy now and impossible to separate the seed from the flesh.  Okay for dropping into some soup, but will not work for making sauce or canned tomato bits with onion and garlic

peel raw, ripe tomatoes.  Not so easy.  depending on the type of tomato, the flesh comes away with the peel.  Yes, a fully ripe heirloom striped roma tomato will not peel this way.  The regular red romas a bit better and if it could be consistently successful, this would be the way to go.  But a little spot here, or a hard spot there, and its no way, jose!  Ended up tossing as many as I peeled directly into the compost bin!!

So got some peeled and chopped up into the lentil soup that’s on the stove and that’s fine and good.  there’s what started out as about 3-4 pounds of tomatoes in the freezer, all peeled and seeded.  Another 5-6 pounds still on the vine. will they ripen in time?

If nothing else, it will be a great year for green tomato relish!

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