home made sausage


Making sausage isn’t about saving money. Its about quality. Knowing what’s in there!  In this case, its fresh ground pork, salt, pepper, sage, oregano, thyme, fennel and cayenne pepper. Very little fat. So little, we cooked up one patty this morning and there wasn’t a drop of fat/oil left in the pan!  There’s a bit more than 4 lbs of meat here (actually 2050 grams/2kg).  A lot of the herbs came from the garden.  Sausage this lean tastes good, although the texture is not what we’re used to with sausage!  Its an easy recipe: grind pork, season as desired (check online, there are a zillion recipes and after making some small lots, you’ll decide what you want more or less of in the say of seasonings). put a little quality vegetable or olive oil on hands and shape.  the oil keeps the meat from sticking to the skin.  Freeze, and then repackage in plastic or foil wrap.  If frozen first, the pieces of sausage won’t stick to each other quite so much.  Yes, you can use casings and make more traditional style sausage, but we’re fine with it this way.

No, we’re not raising pigs, all my pork is store bought. Still better tasting and quality than almost anything you can buy commercially. and no BHA, BTA, Sodium Benzoate, etc to be found!

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