what a difference a week makes.

my weekly garden update!.  We’ve enjoyed eggplant – probably for the first time, REALLY ENJOYED EGGPLANT!  This has joined the list of veggies to only be eaten fresh from the garden!  Lots of eggplant all at once so gave much away. Now there are only a few remaining fruit ripening out there. 

tomatoes are ripening slowly. Have had pretty hot weather this week, unusual for here at this time of year. its also been a long dry monsoon season,  humidity, but little rain.

to the left, the unknown tomato last week. to the right, just a blush of color coming on.  will probably be awhile longer before they are ready to eat.

to the left an overview of the garden from last week. to the right, today.  plus I’ve cut back both the nangua and volunteer spaghetti squash vines in between!  The nangua are not going to give us any fruit this year. not even a sign of there being a female flower ready to form. So this has to be started much earlier next year and hope we get no gopher’s again.  The volunteer spaghetti squash that erupted in the middle of the bush beans is already forming fruit!  We will have plenty of that to get through the winter!!  Have also eaten some of the beans.  There have been a couple of zuchinni, and still slowly harvesting tomatoes.

Next year, have decided to plant the Nangua and luffa gourd on the outside of the garden bed and let them grow up and over instead of using a shade cloth.  May end up with foot long nangua hanging down in the garden, or maybe not.  Roma tomatoes will probably go into the bed that was host to the onions and garlic this year, while starting those where there are tomatoes now.  Then will move to green beans. Squash and tomatoes will be in the western most bed next year.  Still have plenty of containers to fill with peppers and eggplant to round out the veggies.  Soon, it will be time to get the fall greens planted in the ground and set up the covers for lettuce and broccoli.  Then, later in September, peas and other greens in the greenhouse for winter crops.  Can’t believe how fast the time goes!!


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