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chocolate peppers

no, this is not about chocolate and peppers.  these are called chocolate peppers because the color tends towards the brown. This year was my best year with peppers and these were my best peppers. They were sweet, but not overly … Continue reading

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entering fall

While Mabon is considered one of the harvest festivals, here in the warm sunny southwest, its the beginning of the cool growing season.  For me, that’s moving into the greenhouse.  Last year had gotten two bookcases which worked out very … Continue reading

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al fresco dining

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hmmm something went wrong with my last post and the last pictures and words disappeared! string beans and chard, basil in the corner.  need to get to making that pesto.  there are still some tomatoes ripening on the vine as … Continue reading

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mabon harvest

Our rainy season has just ended and the greenery in the garden has gone crazy. Unfortuntely, the dalys are short and the nights cool, so the summer harvest is pretty much about ripening whats on the vine. A javelina got … Continue reading

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tomato sauce

One of my goals with my garden was to become tomato self-sufficient.  Little did I know what that would entail!  This year, with 13 plants of Roma tomatoes, have taken a step closer to that goal. without going into details … Continue reading

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still knitting

When the sun goes down, as it does earlier and earlier these days, knitting takes place instead of gardening.  Have been working on a knitted slipper, starting with a basic “easy” slipper I found on the web that used a … Continue reading

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