mabon harvest

Our rainy season has just ended and the greenery in the garden has gone crazy. Unfortuntely, the dalys are short and the nights cool, so the summer harvest is pretty much about ripening whats on the vine.

A javelina got into the yard last night and cleaned up some of the squash that was growing outside the fenced in area including one of the only nangua winter squash that was coming in.  Sigh.  Anyway, after this picture was taken, began cutting down the squash vine. Use a rotating composter here and have to cut down the vegetation in stages so the barrel doesn’t get overloaded.  The roma tomatoes had been taken out a few weeks ago. yesterday took out the other zuchinni plant. This one may have these two coming in if the heat  lasts long enough.   then there are the last few spaghetti squash on the vine.  Four small ones in this picture and a larger one on the other side of the fence!  Its been an amazing year for these! and this is the the other nangua.  Will it ripen enough? time will tell.









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1 Response to mabon harvest

  1. candiss says:

    just found your site! Lovely!
    Sorry you lost the Nanqua to the Javalina.

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