more green tomatoes

as the weather has stayed mild while the days get shorter, not much is happening in the garden with the tomatoes and squash. so began the process of cutting down the tomato plants today. left a few out there that had some ripening fruit, but harvested some of the more decent size (but probably not going to get bigger or ripe) ones.  Had read about green tomato pie and decided it was time to try it out.

since i’ve not managed yet to do a gluten free pie crust, it was going to be more of a cobbler.  Found lots of different recipes with the usual vague “5 good size green tomatoes) type instructions, along with varying amounts of sugar from 1/4c to 1-1/2 C!!  lemon juice or cider vinegar.  Pre cook, or bake in the oven for 2+ hours.

Since I’m not big on recipes anyway, just use them as guidelines, I peeled and cut into smaller pieces than I would if I was making this pie with apples.  Then threw in some lemon juice (at least 2tbs, maybe 3). added 1/2C of sugar, which was probably too much and let it simmer until the fruit began to go soft. added some ginger, and allspice, plus cinnamon.  It was pretty juicy stuff, lots of liquid, so added probably close to a cup of Pamela’s gluten free baking mix.  stirred it all up. it was now a thick liquid, not quite a batter.  Then softened butter with more of the Pamela’s, 1/3C of sugar and lots of cinnamon. baked in a 350 degree oven for about 50 minutes.  by which time the top was definately getting towards overdone, but not quite. 

Didn’t tell he who is a fussy eater what I was giving him when I handed him the bowl with whipped cream. Not until he said it was good.  Of course, despite liking it, he may never eat another bite.

If you want to try this, suggest you make it as you would an apple pie, with a bit more sugar and lemon.  Being at altitude, the precooking was probably a good idea. you might want to do a bit yourself just so you can get a feel for how it cooks and tastes.  But really, a basic apple pie recipe with just that extra sugar and lemon should give you a decent enough desert.

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