more on grow bags

After my first season with my garden, quickly realized would need more space and the easiest way to do this was with container gardening, which lead me to grow bags.  What a great invention!  My first ones were purchased from an English source (thanks be to Ebay) as there were few choices here.  While I still love those grow bags, the material did not handle the hot Arizona weather well, and by the end of the first season, the handles had disintergrated.  At this point, I’m afraid to move them as the side material is getting weak.  Still expect to get a couple more seasons out of them, but only if I care for them.

Now, there is an alternative. Haven’t seen them yet, but have found a made in America company, that is offering something they call a breather bag.  For our plans for extra zuchinni growing last year (are we crazy? XTRA zuchinni?  Yes, into the freezer instead of that aweful commercial stuff from the market) have ordered a bunch of these.  Will set up a stand of them, and fill them with compost. let it continue to do its thing through the winter and then add in some soil in the spring, put in my seedlings and hook them up with soaker hose and extra fencing, and we’ll have a zuchinni garden!! 

Will post more with pictures when this is set up.

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