cranberry relish

the last couple of years have been unhappy with my cranberry stuff.  While I’m not a recipe person, had to figure out where I was going wrong.  This year we were gifted with a few lbs of fresh cranberries, so off searching recipes and find I’ve been overcooking my cranberries.

T’day morning sorted the cranberries. Put a couple of cups worth in a stainless pot, added orange juice to about one layer of berries from the top. added 1/2C of brown sugar, then a bit more (to taste). Ginger, allspice, and cinnamon. Then put in some mandarin orange slices. brought to a boil and cooked about 10 minutes. made 2 pints. tart, with a hint of spicy. tasted great with the turkey. can’t wait to try it with some baked ham!

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