clothes drying racks

like a lot of people, live in an area that doesn’t have or allow clothes lines.  So use foldable drying racks.  The cheap wooden ones fall apart quickly and easily.  After some research found The Butterfly.   This is a small, lightweight, foldable rack of metal and plastic.  Made in America, it will hold a large load (top loader) of wash, with judicius use of hangers for shirts and such.  Here in Arizona, in the dry desert air, clothes dry quickly.  But the same desert air and sun has taken its toll on the plastic and after about 4 or 5 years, the plastic is starting to break.  It is not large enough to handle things like sheets, and even towels can over load it.

Looking for a replacement found the “homesteader”.  This is a wooden rack, but is well made, with good details.  The family that makes this rack in Idaho make three versions.  This is the largest, being about 6 feet tall as shown.  It comes as a kit with quality dried wood, instructions, screws and the chain.  It requires some care and effort to assemble, but then it is done. and with moderate care, should last at least as long as the Butterfly.  The nice difference with this unit is that it will accommodate towels, even sheets.  Have dried a few loads on it already, and am looking forward to using it for a number of years.  Its height may be difficult for someone who is older or shorter, and so recommend their smaller unit, but that will not hold as much laundry.  The name of this families business is Forgotten Way, of Forgotten way farms.

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