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a short scarf for a short season

Our niece sent me 2, 50 gram,  skeins of a bulky super wash wool for Christmas Very pretty, what to do.  We have a short winter season that is milder than much of the country, but colder than one might … Continue reading

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food saving

Got what I asked for this year – a vacuum sealer.  Have been having a problem with pantry moths, especially since we’ve been doing more grains, nuts and the whole gluten free thing.  Sometimes they come into the house in … Continue reading

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Misty morning

cloudy, misty mornings are not common in the desert; more so in the upper (higher altitude) than the lower, but still are special and welcomed.  This was the view from the back gate this morning.  The mesa is about 2/10ths … Continue reading

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how long does yogurt last

Have a simple and excellent recipe for making plain yogurt and using a 1/2 gallon of fat free milk can make 9 x 1/2pint jars of delicious, plain, unsweetened yogurt.  For the first time, had 3 jars of this last … Continue reading

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On knitting a string bag

Just as I don’t follow recipes, its hard to follow patterns.  One of the things I wanted to do with my knitting was to create pretty string bags.  Yes, we all have those totes made from recycled bottles, but they … Continue reading

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winter hat

experimenting with designs and stitches to create the perfect “snood”, discovered this stitch made a great light weight winter hat. Perfect for our high desert winters where the temps rarely got lower than the 20’s.  This open stitch allows for … Continue reading

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another job for baking soda

Yesterday made more skin lotion; a richer, oiler version for the windy cold days of winter.  Then comes the clean up.   The folks at Root Simple suggested Baking Soda.  DUH!!  For those of us who have to clean up oil, … Continue reading

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