Misty morning

cloudy, misty mornings are not common in the desert; more so in the upper (higher altitude) than the lower, but still are special and welcomed.  This was the view from the back gate this morning.  The mesa is about 2/10ths of a mile from the house, anything further away was totally enshrouded!

Here is a different view of the same formation.

Am fortunate to live at the base of the mesa on the right.

The Chili Ristra (is that spelled right?). these are not just for decoration. This is how we store Chili’s, taking them off as we need them in cooking.

Pyrocantha.  This plant has pretty flowers and these pretty red fruits and BIG THORNS!  Birds are known to love these red berries, especially after they’ve fallen and had the chance to  ferment. Then the drunken birds fly around the neighborhood. Have no idea what birds do for the hangover!

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