food saving

Got what I asked for this year – a vacuum sealer.  Have been having a problem with pantry moths, especially since we’ve been doing more grains, nuts and the whole gluten free thing.  Sometimes they come into the house in what ever I’ve purchased, courtesy of poor storage at the warehouse or store.  Sometimes they find their way into a bag of rice, nuts, dried fruit, etc and breed up a storm before they are noticed.  This will help me keep them either contained, or just keep them out of . . .

This weekend made my first experiment with jerky for human consumption as well as some breakfast sausage.  Perfect for the first test of the vacuum sealer.




It has become a counter top appliance to be sure it gets used appropriately and frequently.

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  1. I absolutely love my Food Saver it stays on our counter and gets used year round for a variety of different things. We use it a lot to buy big packages of meat and then freeze what we can’t eat at a single time, don’t have to worry about it getting freezer burned and it stays a lot fresher. We also like to use the marinator that you can get to go with it.

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