catching up

Its been so long since I’ve posted, have no idea of when that was!!  Winter has been very busy with our carburetor restoration business booming along.  We’ve also had a number of friends/family pass through for part time work when they’ve needed it.  That’s the really really good side of having your own successful work!

Another embarrasment of riches has been blueberries.  Didn’t realize how many jars I’d put up. been eating blueberries with my morning home made gluten free granola all winter!  Sometimes I grab a jar of strawberries or nectarines. but most of the time its blueberries.  Must have been a really good year for them last spring!

had a batch of yogurt go bad. don’t know if it was because it just sat in the fridge too long, or had I don’t something wrong. Next batch didn’t really set and that was the yogurt starter. still used it. More of a Kefir type product than thick yogurt, but okay.

Also had a batch of skin lotion go bad, and the next batch separated big time.  The most recent batch is thicker, and totally luscious, but still having the aloe vera gel come out of the solution.

Meanwhile, the garden is out there. A mild winter, and no time is an unfortunate combination. Should have oodles of cool weather plants doing their thing instead of 4 little lettuce plants and 6 spinach!  Did have some broccoli in the greenhouse which we got to eat around Christmas time.  And that’s when the weather began to warm up.  we had a little bit of a winter storm come through right before the holidays, and it had been warm and dry since!  This past week had a little rain and some snow as low as 5000 feet. but go out there and see how dry the ground is and you wouldn’t know it.

We had a couple of failures with our old plumbing and small floods under the house last month.  The Reverse Osmosis unit we bought was no good and flooded under the sink, and we had a leak where the new water softener was installed.  There must be some deep message with all the water issues, aside from the heavy duty bills!!

Did get to the “new” garden bed and got some more soil in there, and began setting up pots for the zuchinni fest we’re planning on next year.  Couldn’t figure out what was making my hands itch and finally realized the fiberglass handle on the shovel was coming apart!   YUK!!  Forget the fiberglass!!

The garlic, onion, and shallots are coming up already.  Should have seeds already planted for spring greens, hopefully will get to that this weekend.  Also need to get some primer on the bathroom walls and Tuesday will have people here to measure for the bedroom carpet.  Before it gets installed, the bedroom walls have to be painted.  At least they were already primed – a year ago!!

Knitting knee socks of course.  Although the pair in superwash wool I’m working on right now well be the last for this season.  Then its switch to little footsies, and toeless footsies to wear with sandals.

With the warm weather was able to hang out the bed quilts to dry today.  Have to schlepp them to the laundermat; $5 in quarters for the washing machine!  At least didn’t have to spend another $5 for the dryer.  Used the great wood rack I bought in the fall.  3 hours later they are dry!!

Loving my vacuum sealer and have added the attachments to use canning lids to seal jars. It is great for what would usually be termed “oven canning”, but who wants to do that for the one jar of dry rice!

Now its back to work.  Will try to keep the garden updates in a timely fashion, as that is what this blog is really about; my online garden journal!!

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