vacuum canner

Made gluten free granola this morning and a perfect time to show the vacuum canner attachment to my foodsaver.  For what ever reason, when the vacuum is done, the sealing unit comes on. So am sure to seal the end of a bag roll at the same time.  One cannot do this, though, with the roll in the unit. It will keep the vacuum from working.  So set up the canner and put the end of the roll over the sealer unit from the outside and do two things at once.  This handy device allows you to accomplish the equivalent to “oven sealing”, without having to do the whole heat the oven thing for a couple of jars.  Its a great way to seal cereal, grains, even gravy or cooked liquidy vegetables/ beans for storage in the fridge.  There is a separate unit for the wide mouth jars. Either one uses the standard canning lid. if removed carefully, it can be reused as this is not the heat seal of canning.   This is not a substitute for hot water / pressure canning. Its  just a great way to store grains and the like for short or long term when you want to prevent “things” from getting into the food.

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