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gardening update

in keeping with this being primarily an on line garden journal – today finally got to put some bush zuchinni (Cocozelle squash) seeds in starting pots, also some spaghetti ssquash.  8 seeds of the first, 6 of the second.   also, … Continue reading

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peas please

Have not had much luck with peas in the outside garden, and in the greenhouse, barely get enough for salads.  Still, have some packages of Oregan sugar snap, so cleaned out a section of the outside garden, created a spiral … Continue reading

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and the cupboard is almost bare

With spring, comes the evaluation of all the stuff I put up for the winter.  While I did NOT do an actual inventory, know approximately what had been canned, frozen, and dried.  Some was eaten, some was given away, and … Continue reading

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herbal harvest

Spring always brings the first harvests of the season, both from the garden and the forest: the first is comfrey root. grow the comfrey in pots because it can become invasive and my garden plot just isn’t all that big!  … Continue reading

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planting, Finally!

About a month late, but it is, as it is!  Today put seeds into soil in starting pots in the greenhouse: Anaheim, cayenne,  Chocolate & Orange sweet bell peppers.  Orange slicing tomatoes, yellow plum, striped roma’s and regular romas.  The striped … Continue reading

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knitting in the round, on straight needles

Discovered this stitch as part of a pattern for a sock heel – slip one purl wise, knit next stitch, continue through even number of stitches.  For the sock heel, the return is purl all stitches.  For this potholder, I’m … Continue reading

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morning visitors

So, this morning, I’m hanging out the wash watching the dog go nuts in the brush.  As I look to the wall next to me, there huddles a baby rabbit (who was not there when we first came outside). At … Continue reading

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Snow day

catching up with pictures from our snow day last week. Shortlived, but beautiful

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