planting, Finally!

About a month late, but it is, as it is!  Today put seeds into soil in starting pots in the greenhouse: Anaheim, cayenne,  Chocolate & Orange sweet bell peppers.  Orange slicing tomatoes, yellow plum, striped roma’s and regular romas.  The striped are an indeterminate heirloom. The Romas are a determinate heirloom. of course, black beauty eggplants

Also marigold, strawberry flower, and blanket flower seeds.

Ran out of soil (more still in the car waiting to be unloaded), so only got the long season squashes planted; luffa (a gourd supposedly, but understand when young can be eaten like a zuchinni) and Nanguas, which are a winter ssquash, often referred to as Chinese pumpkin. Meatier than butternut,also sweeter.  Not as sweet as our pumpkin.

Hopefully tomorrow will get the spaghetti squash and two kinds of zuchinni in soil.  Need to get some potatoes started too.

Since the Romas are a determinate tomato, am going to try to put them all in containers, leaving the limited ground space for the indeterminates.

And as an aside;last fall had a volunteer eggplant come up in the greenhouse. Even bore fruit before the weather got too cold! Find a new plant starting from the base of that dried up skeleton today.  Cut down the old part, and lets see what happens with this sprout!  Might be away to extend my growing season on the eggplant!

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