herbal harvest

Spring always brings the first harvests of the season, both from the garden and the forest: the first is comfrey root. grow the comfrey in pots because it can become invasive and my garden plot just isn’t all that big!  So each spring I pull out the roots from two plants, split and dry.  Then the plants in the other two pots are split and separated to the four.  the roots havested every other year.  In reality, these grow in a large grow bag that is subdivided into the equivalent of 4 x 5 gallon pots.  Lots of room and so far, so good!

Next is the spring harvest of Mormon Tea!  This is of the same species as the Chinese herb Ma Huang.  It is  great as tea   decongestant for colds and allergies.  Which are also prevelant this time of year.  Yes, the species is Ephedra, although the plants that grow in the southwest are supposedly very low in the actual Ephedra compound, plus it is diluted within the plant’s various constituents.  Not like buying the stuff in the pharmacy.

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