and the cupboard is almost bare

With spring, comes the evaluation of all the stuff I put up for the winter.  While I did NOT do an actual inventory, know approximately what had been canned, frozen, and dried.  Some was eaten, some was given away, and a few pints of beans got thrown away because they weren’t canned properly.

Right now, have 1 quart of lentil soup out of 10. 1 quart of pea soup, out of 8.  no stock of any kind from about 15 chicken/turkey and 5 beef.  None of the 10 quarts of chicken soup are left.  there is one pint of chicken left from about 7 chicken and 5 beef.  still 5 pints of corned beef from 9.  there is sloppy joe left, cause it wasn’t all that great . . most of the frozen squash is gone, but there’s some dry left.  a couple of 1/2 pints of blueberries, one of strawberries and 3 of nectarines from what seemed a never ending pile.  still have some frozen blueberries left, as well as some basil.  Ran out of beans, due those bad jars, and had to do another batch of pinto’s and a batch of mixed for use in soups. 

My sweetie loves soup, and we ate so much that by the end of February didn’t want to hear the word!  I did make beyond what I had canned. Tomato soup, potato/corn chowder, after Thanksgiving worked up a few quarts of stock, etc.

There are 3 pints of the 7 or so of tomato sauce I’d made.  Not that we didn’t eat anything that needed it, but it was too thin for use in Pizza and some other dishes.  Then again, it was my first year making it from home grown.

still a few spaghetti squash left

All in all, not bad.  of course, it was all supplemented with what we purchased through out the year. How folks manage to (1) have enough room to store all the jars you need to make all you need (2) find the time to grow and preserve all you need and (3) have the room to store it all once its made- amazes me.  Was chatting with a friend today who said stock up on gold, guns, and grub. then he found out I’ve been working on at least the grub part.  In time, that may be more valuable than gold!  May need a safe instead of a root cellar or refrigerator.

this did give me the information I need to expand both my garden and my food storage though; like growing and freezing  zuchinni, or canning it with tomatoes. drying the winter squash worked well.  the spaghetti squash stored well in the baskets. Basil froze well, and there’s some garlic/basil infused olive oil left

had enough garlic for (1) planting (2) using and giving away and (3) peeling and storing in Olive Oil in the fridge.  Think I planted about the same amount for this year.  Have the beds planned out for bush zuchinni between the nangua. by the time those zuchinni are done, the nangua will have taken over and the regular zuchinni will be growing in pots in their own little fenced enclosure.

Roma tomatoes, becuase they are determinates will also be in pots wh ile the indeterminates will have their own bed.

looking forward to a great year in the garden and will shop the sales for the rest of what I need.

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